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Horseowner V. has had her horses for several years in a place which for her & her family is their little paradise

Now they have decided it is time to share this paradise and their philosophy about how and why their horses live here the way they do. Breeding and educational training have become their main ideal and goal. The idea behind the creation of this horse paradise has simply evolved out of passion for this beautiful and gracious animal called a Horse.

BELLAVISTA SPORTHORSES SL. has been founded for this reason.


Our place is situated in the BELLAVISTA area of Cataluñya, Spain. The views and surroundings are so beautiful that the neighbourhood was given the name "Bellavista", we are overlooked by mountains and while working with and caring for the horses we can also enjoy the stunning sea views.

The horses love the peace and quiet and life surrounded by nature

Our philosophy is to breed and train our horses so that they will go on to build strong relationships with their new owners in whatever they want to do.

PURA RAZA ESPANOLA better known as PRE's are friendly, proud, beautiful, loyal & good competition horses.

We have carefully selected very special mares to become mothers of our own bloodline of horses, "BELLAVISTA SPORTHORSES".

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